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What is Anna?

There are so many ways to describe us. An Italian restaurant, a kosher restaurant, a restaurant with a social agenda. We are that and more but you are here because someone recommended us, and you are looking for a good restaurant. So yes, we serve great Italian food but we are defined by so much more than that.

"Anna" is a social business and together with the Dualis foundation and the Jerusalem municipality we are part of an amazing program where we employ at-risk youth in our kitchen. Which in turn means that you not only eatwell you feel good about it too. Standing at the helm of our kitchen is our chef the talented Nimrod (Nimi) Norman accompanied by the Mona restaurant group.

If you know Nimi then you are well aware that he doesn't compromise on ANYTHING.

No compromises on location, no compromises on the atmosphere and most definitely no compromises on the quality of our raw materials. We hope he does not read this, lest it goes to his head, but we have learned that he is very good at what he does.


The Italian magic is waiting for you at our enchanted location, Anna Ticho House, atmosphere, mountains, and more than a little wine. When conceiving the idea of Anna we couldn't help thinking to ourselves “how can we take the restaurant to the next level?”. Make it something a bit more than just a restaurant, a restaurant with an agenda? Consequently this idea to help at-risk youth was born. We want to give people a chance to change the course of their lives. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant that serves food at the highest standards, but isn't satisfied with just good food, you've come to the right place. Bon Appetit.

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Dear customers


We are currently closed due to the corona crisis 

We'll be happy to see you again when all of this will be over


Thank you

Anna emploees And owners